IKoMiKiオープン/SandoTerraceグランドオープン|IKoMiKi Open / Sando Terrace Grand Opening



|Today, on the 15th, the Kinjasuijin Gaien Sando Terrace restaurant IKoMiKi will open, and the whole will be grand-opened. Opened one year after completion due to the effects of infectious diseases. There are no signs of convergence yet, and we have set sail in such a situation, but we would like to create a space where you can rest with peace of mind after taking measures against infectious diseases. Also, the Reiwa 3rd Year Flower Festival will start on May 8th, so please come visit us.

♪ Image music is "Amazing World" by artist "Tae-chu" based in Marumori Town, Miyagi Prefecture.