COVID-19による花まつりの中止 並びに食事処IKoMiKiのオープン延期について|About cancellation of flower festival by COVID-19 and postponement of opening of restaurant IKoMiKi


なお、金蛇水神社外苑 新参道・新参拝者休憩所「 SandoTerrace (サンド-テラス) 」は本月4月29日に予定通り開苑いたします。しかし、参道・建物は通れるようになり、土産処MiZuHa(ミズハ)は開く予定としておりますが、滞留が長くなるであろう食事処IKoMiKi(イコミキ)は、COVID-19感染防止のためオープンを延期します。




|This year's Kanahebisui Shrine Flower Festival was scheduled for "May 8 to 21" as usual, but due to the current situation of the spread of coronavirus infection, we have decided to cancel it.


The Kanahebisui Shrine External Garden New Sando / New Worship Rest Area "Sando Terrace" will open on April 29th this month as scheduled. However, the approach and buildings will be accessible, and the souvenir shop MiZuHa is scheduled to open, but the restaurant IKoMiKi, which will stay for a long time, has been postponed to prevent COVID-19 infection. To do.


This project is a commemorative project to replace Heisei with Reiwa, aiming to sublimate the shrine precincts to a new dimension in a new era, aiming for complete recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake. was.


It is a project that has been carried out for a long time in line with this year's flower festival, and although it is a pity that this cancellation is extremely disappointing, we would like to overcome this coronavirus disaster and aim for the grand opening again next year's flower festival. is thinking.